Egyptian activism on Facebook

For long, there has been much talk surrounding the Egyptian government crackdown on internet-based political activism. While news of the systematic jailing of bloggers and related reports of torture becoming more widespread, the new millennium now sees the social networking site Facebook becoming the next forum through which activists are organizing and spreading the word. Released July 7th, 2008, the video above illustrates how over the last twenty-seven years, the autocratic Egyptian government ruling under Emergency Law has been trying to crack down on human rights activism.

In a technological age where growing opportunity for the masses to partake in activism means that government censorship is no longer sufficient to stifle the voices, Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak and surrounding officials are up against protests, strikes, and various movements calling for a fight for democracy like never seen before. Though this video is an extreme portrayal in its sampling of only a fraction of the views of the public (which are, in reality, vastly varied), it is ample reminder of the lack of freedoms in a country that is yearning for a new, enlightened era in which economic and political sustainability, stability and equality is greatly needed.

Video report by Journeyman Pictures, London’s leading independent distributor of topical news features, documentaries and footage.

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6 April – اضراب عام لشعب مصر (Facebook group)

‘Facebook + blogs = nervous Mid-East autocracies’ (Radio Netherlands Worldwide)


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