Clean bill of healthcare?

After the hype and controversy surrounding the reception of Academy Award-winner and filmmaker Michael Moore and his internationally acclaimed documentary Farenheit 9/11 back in 2004, the media speculation surrounding last year’s release of SiCKO proved to be no less. More importantly was that this 2007 documentary proved to be just as successful, culturally impacting and relevant to the times as its predecessor. Revealing the chronic problems underlying an American healthcare system that festers–a system based on profit for the insurance and pharmaceutical industries rather than helping those in need–Moore’s investigation draws upon Britain, France and Cuba for examples of inspiration for change in order to perhaps one day lead to a better, more universal, more humane system to overtake the one currently in place.

Another country with an exemplary healthcare system is Norway, possessing the second highest GDP per-capita in the world (after Luxembourg) and maintaining first place in the UNDP Human Development Index for six consecutive years (2001-2006). Originally included in the filming process for Moore’s documentary, it was subsequently cut out pre-release, though the segment has long been circulating online (see above).

With the 2008 United States presidential election soon underway, the issue of healthcare is never far away from the frontline of debate. And what better time to view a documentary on the very topic?

SiCKO is out now on DVD.


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