Egypt and the new Arab world

Posted in Business + Economy, Documentaries, Egyptian Affairs, History + Culture, Politics + Diplomacy by expresscheckout on 28 September, 2006

Southern Cairo along the Nile from Cairo Tower

While going through the BBC’s Documentary Archive on Odeo, I came across Part Four of ‘The New Arab World Series’ on Egypt and it’s cultural and economic roles in the ever-evolving Middle East. Originally broadcast on the BBC World Service in July 2006, the BBC’s Arab Affairs Analyst Magdi Abdelhadi investigates the changes and challenges facing the dynamic, diverse and historically rich Egyptian society. 

Featuring prominent Egyptian figures and common sounds and voices from out and about Cairo, it provides insight to the different views regarding the transformations that have been seen in recent years. And, most importantly, it reflects how in recent years, a number of Gulf countries have been making progress towards economic, social and even limited political reforms, and how this ‘could one day eclipse the Arab world’s more established centres of influence, such as Egypt.’