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Posted in Mass Communication by expresscheckout on 31 August, 2006

CNN Restroom Gaffe

CNN ‘Live From…’ the ladies room
USA Today
August 30, 2006

NEW YORK (AP) — Kyra Phillips, anchor of CNN’s Live From…, unwittingly upstaged President Bush’s speech in New Orleans with on-the-air analysis of her husband and the marriage of her brother — all live from a CNN ladies room.Unaware that her wireless microphone was “live” during her break, Phillips could be heard overriding Bush’s prepared address Tuesday as he was seen marking the first anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.

The Atlanta-based Phillips, in conversation with an unidentified woman in an echoey room, dismissed most men with a vulgar term, but called herself “very lucky in that regard. My husband is handsome and he is genuinely a loving — you know, no ego — you know what I’m saying? Just a really passionate, compassionate, great, great human being. And they exist. They do exist. They’re hard to find. Yup. But they are out there.”

A few moments later, she observed that “brothers have to be, you know, protective. Except for mine. I’ve got to be protective of him.”

Why? “His wife is just a control freak.”

At that point, another voice cut in: “Kyra.”

“Yeah, baby?” replied Phillips on hearing her name.

“Your mike is on. Turn it off. It’s been on the air.”

CNN anchor Daryn Kagan, looking flustered, then broke into the telecast with a recap of what Bush had been saying. Phillips later apologized to viewers “for an issue we had with our mikes” and “for a little bit of an interruption there during the president.”

CNN issued its own official statement, explaining the network had “experienced audio difficulties during the president’s speech today in New Orleans. We apologize to our viewers and the president for the disruption.” The network also apologized to the White House.

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Meanwhile, another recent TV news blunder:

Swedish blunder puts porn on news 
August 22, 2006

Swedish state broadcaster SVT has admitted a “huge blunder” after a porn film was accidentally shown in the background of a news bulletin.

A five-minute news update shown at the weekend included explicit scenes from a Czech porn movie on a monitor behind the anchor Peter Dahlgren.

“This is highly embarrassing and unfortunate,” said SVT’s Per Yng. The monitor had been switched by workers who had then forgotten to change it back, he told agency AP. “It must not happen again,” he added.


Usually, the monitor shows the output of other news channels – but the workers had changed it to watch a sports event on cable channel Canal Plus. However, they did not remember to change the channel back – which, because Canal Plus shows adult content after midnight, resulted in the error.

A producer quickly spotted the sex scenes and ran into the control room and turned off the monitor, news director Mr Yng said. “One monitor in the background, behind the newsreader, was showing some porn scenes,” he said. “It lasted no more than 30 seconds – only during the first item on the midnight news on Saturday.”

While no viewers complained about the incident, he admitted there had been “enormous interest from media.” The show, called Rapport, has been renamed “Rapporn” by Swedish tabloids. Magnus Akerlund, who oversees the hourly news updates, told Swedish newspapers he was “shocked and dismayed” at the mistake.

“It’s a huge blunder by us,” he said.

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