Assault on Gaza must be halted

Posted in Politics + Diplomacy by expresscheckout on 15 August, 2006


A Statement by the National Executive Committee of the Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism (CCDS)

The Israeli Assault on Gaza Must be Halted Immediately. The United States Must Condemn Israel’s Gross Violations of Human Rights   

July 7, 2006
Israel’s brutal incursion into Gaza under the pretext of applying pressure to free a captured Israeli soldier had clearly been planned long before that seizure. The destruction of a power plant and bridges denying electricity and water to over 700,000 people in the midst of a hot summer while spreading unspeakable misery especially endangering large numbers of hospital patients, bombings of headquarters of duly elected officials, arbitrary arrests of dozens of those officials, deliberate flyovers to create deafening sonic boom, targeted assassinations that have resulted in death and injury to scores of innocent civilians, especially women and children – those actions, and more, constitute an unqualified violation of proportionality, cruel collective punishment of more than one million occupants of Gaza and an incipient human rights
As a number of observers have noted, the intent of that incursion is not to free a captured soldier, but to destroy the democratically elected Hamas government and to virtually extinguish the Palestinian Authority, consolidate Israeli control of the West Bank and eliminate the last vestiges of hope for a negotiated settlement of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. In the face of such unwarranted attacks on civilians, with ominous implications for peace and stability of the entire Middle East, Washington has responded thus far with its typically tepid defense of Israeli actions. The responsibility of the US is compounded by Israeli targeting of civilians with US-supplied weapons in violation of the US Arms Export Control Act as well as the Geneva Conventions.
The US media has also been typically tongue-tied in reporting such heartrending human rights violations. By contrast, the London Financial Times recently posed a question: what if a British solider was seized in Ireland and the British government responded by bombing the Irish infrastructure, arresting and assassinating Irish politicians, killing scores of innocent civilians, and mercilessly holding an entire civilian population hostage to British designs? Wouldn’t the entire British public and the majority of world public opinion cry out against such outrages? Why not then, raise our voices against Israeli actions in Gaza? Unfortunately such pointed questions are rarely, if ever, asked by US media. While demanding that the US government exercise is massive influence with Israel to stop the Gaza attacks, progressives should also contact their local media to demand fair and comprehensive reporting of the collective punishment of the Gaza population.     
CCDS strongly endorses the Call to Action of United for Peace and Justice (UFPJ) reprinted below and urges the broadest possible participation in actions to end the oppressive occupation of the Palestinian people and to demand genuine steps to assure peace and justice for the entire region.
1) An immediate end to the assault on Gaza by the Israeli military forces.
2) Cut off of U.S. financial and military aid to Israel that makes it possible for such assaults to be carried out, as well as U.S. support for the Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories.
3) Immediate shipments by the U.S. government of humanitarian aid (especially food and medicines) for the people of Gaza. 


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