Canada hit in Lebanon

Posted in Politics + Diplomacy by expresscheckout on 22 July, 2006

Canada asks Israel to confirm reports IDF attacked evacuee ship
By The Associated Press, Last updated 00:49 22/07/2006
Canada has asked the Israeli foreign ministry Friday about an unconfirmed report that a ship ferrying Canadian evacuees out of Lebanon was attacked, Foreign Affairs Minister Peter MacKay said.

MacKay said the request for information came after he had heard reports that a vessel had been fired upon by Israeli forces and that there had been some injuries.

“The rumor that I’ve heard is similar, that there may have been firing on, or a fire on, a Canadian boat,” MacKay told a news conference. “Upon hearing this, we immediately made calls to the Israeli foreign ministry for confirmation. We have not been able to get confirmation.”

Reports out of Beirut indicated the fire may have been an extinguisher that exploded aboard the Blue Dawn, the first ferry to arrive in Cyprus with Canadian evacuees on Thursday.

The Israel Defense Forces said they had no indication that their forces had fired on any ship, nor did they receive any distress calls.

About 4,000 Canadians were expected to reach Turkey by Saturday as Ottawa struggles to evacuate some 30,000 Lebanese Canadians. More than 2,400 already have been transported out, Canada’s Foreign Affairs Ministry said.

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Canadian family dies in attack 

Meanwhile, foreign nationals not aleady evacuated continue to be affected by Israeli aggression. Last Sunday, seven Canadians, all members of a family vacationing from Montreal including a woman and her four children, were killed in an Israeli air strike in Lebanon.

As the news spread, mourners gathered at the family’s home in Montreal-North. Imam Ali Sbeiti, of Montreal’s Muslim Community Centre, told the press, “We learned from Lebanese sources about the death of the family, nothing from the Canadian government. I don’t know where [Prime Minister] Stephen Harper’s human issues stand. All these children were born in Canada. Put your politics aside. Why were they punished?”

Cross-Border Attacks - Lebanon

Graphic: Toronto Star 


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