Beneath the rubble

Posted in Politics + Diplomacy by expresscheckout on 20 July, 2006

Nebatiyeh, Lebanon 

In the last twenty-four hours, eighty bombing raids have taken place in Beirut. Last night, Israeli aircraft dumped twenty-three tonnes of explosives on a ‘suspected’ bunker in southern Beirut ‘where senior Hezbollah figures, possibly including leader Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah, were believed to be hiding’.

Hezbollah later issued a statement saying that the targeted building was not a bunker, but a mosque under construction. ‘No Hezbollah leaders or personnel were killed in the strike’. Meanwhile, foreigners and dual-citizenship holders are being ferried out while the native and the poor become stranded. And it will go on like this.

Yes, Mr. News Man, go ahead and say it: this is a war, and it is a war of attrition. Diplomacy? Over 300 people have been killed in Lebanon, nearly a third of them children. How many of them belong to Hezbollah?

Albert Einstein had it correctly when he said, ‘Peace in Palestine cannot be achieved by force, but only through understanding.’

Where are these words now?


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