History ignored

Posted in Editorials by expresscheckout on 18 July, 2006

In many ways, history continues to manifest itself in present day, and historical lessons go without being learned or are simply forgotten. Left trapped in dusty volumes of text and taken to the grave by those who were there, the day’s events are called ‘unprecedented’ as though they just suddenly happened with no reason other than someone’s evident bent on insanity and oblivion.

While reading up on various literature related to both the historical and modern-day Middle East, several things have struck me deeply. One example of this is the following:

The concept [of terrorism] is spelled out in the major UN General Assembly Resolution on terrorism (42/159, December 7, 1987) which condemns international terrorism and outlines measures to combat the crime, with one proviso: “that nothing in the present resolution could in any way prejudice the right to self-determination, freedom and independence, as derived from the Charter of the United Nations, of peoples forcibly deprived of that right…, particularly peoples under colonial and racist regimes and foreign occupation or other forms of colonial domination, nor…the right of these peoples to struggle to this end and to seek and receive support [in accordance with the Charter and other principles of international law].” The Resolution passed 153-2, US and Israel opposed.

I will not, for the moment, sum up recent events as there is ample discussion on what is going on without enough retrospective analysis. I would like, however, to take the opportunity in an upcoming post titled Deconstructing the Middle East to highlight several points of history behind the current situation, in order to try to instead explain some of why rather than what is happening in today’s Middle East.


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