Domino effect

Posted in Egyptian Affairs, Politics + Diplomacy by expresscheckout on 15 July, 2006

Domino Effect, Sarah Badr (c) 

The IDF has claimed that it is has no intention to draw Syria into the fray, although a report issued in the London-based Al-Hayat on information from the Pentagon indicates a 72-hour ultimatum to Syria to stop resistance attacks within Lebanon’s borders or else a direct response against Syria.

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has already issued a statement demonstrating that if an attack is made on Syria, a ‘fierce response’ would be received.

Meanwhile on the battle front, a Hezbollah rocket missed its target and hit a civilian ship in the Mediterranean. Details of the matter are being kept under wrap, but there is speculation that it was an Egyptian vessel.

This map (Eric Waddell, Global Research, 2003), though several years old, does well to illustrate recent activity in the region, as well as portraying possible future developments.  

If yesterday’s headlines are any indication to go by, a chain reaction has already begun.


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