More bad news?

Posted in Politics + Diplomacy by expresscheckout on 12 July, 2006

I don’t want to make it a habit of opening on an ominous note, but after glancing over the morning news I feel that I must. I keep thinking back to the late 19th and early 20th centuries… Could we be on the brink of another world war?

Earth and sea 

Take a look at the current situation worldwide as according to BBC NEWS. It seems that the same formula for news making and breaking prevails these days: The Mid-East fire is blazing more than usual (repetitive banter in the Have Your Say* forum reflects nothing more than the affirmation of infinite stalemate) and, as if constant retaliation/provokation weren’t enough, chaos ensues in India as a consequence of recent targetting by yet another group of vindictive, mind-polluted criminals. All the while, tensions heighten with North Korea and Iran, during the same time when the world pledges its allegiance to help rescue sub-Saharan Africa from its suffering, poverty, and disease. Just another day in the doom and gloom of the neverending spiral of bad news.

But is this different from any other time, i.e. is the world becoming a worse place? Both yes and no. It seems that with all the problems humans are creating for themselves easily exemplified, for instance, by the pollution and destruction of our very destructable earth, there is a lot going on that’s certainly not good. What’s worth mentioning, however, is that media and news-reporting capabilities have dramatically increased in sophistication throughout the past century. Not only that, but there have also been numerous advances both regarding political style and the conduct of science that have made our world a smaller, more predictable place to live in. So essentially the amount of news that’s being sent through the news-wire in forms of various blips of coverage and commentary blanketing the entire global sphere appear to be a whole lot when pasted on the home page of any single online news site.

We’ve had scores of dark times in history, and had the likes of BBC, CNN, et al. existed in those times, there’s no doubt that there would have been more than sufficient material to keep the people reading and speculating. Things ‘back then’ always seem rosier in comparison to the tide of the times. Literature and infinite historical texts and journals can attest to the fact that in every era, people look back upon the time that preceded them and see in them an era that was both better and more moral (with some exception, of course). But ultimately, the bad picture is a sign of the age and gradual acclimation to new norms in an evolutionary society; of advancement and respective consequences in the face of new developments–all leading to a relative preservation of a ‘certain uncertain status quo‘.

So what can one expect of the world in years to come if for every step taken forward another step is taken backward? Some things never change and that may be an eternal truth. World leaders seldom ever appear to know what’s going on out in the realm of the average person. Foreign policy never pays much heed and consideration to the history of nations or circumstances of ordinary individuals who are–lo and behold!–all humans and need to breathe and thrive or else die. We all need access to water, food, and shelter. We all need an opportunity to learn so that we can make something of ourselves and progress. These human facts have been consistent and indiscriminant throughout the ages. And for that, it’s such a shame that another undeniable human fact has remained a timeless relic of the human sense of being: a seeming obsession with blind, repressive self-conceited sadism that causes the unnecessary suffering of the defenseless majority for the sake of the power-hungry, well-to-do few.

* ‘Is Israeli action in Gaza justified?’ Have Your Say, BBC NEWS


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